Main Campus Map

Located on 88 acres in the middle of downtown San José, the main 菠菜网lol正规平台 campus has more than 50 major buildings with 23 academic buildings and 8 residence halls. The university's official address is One Washington Square, San José, California 95192.


Please note that this map is subject to change as edits and refinements are ongoing. Bookmark this page and refer to it when needing the most up to date and official 菠菜网lol正规平台 campus map for use on other websites, digital media or in printed form. The date at the bottom left of this webpage reflects the date of the most recent updates to the official campus map.

South Campus Map

Located on 62 acres and 8 blocks from main campus, South Campus primary hosts 菠菜网lol正规平台 Athletics programs. Featuring the new Spartan Athletics Center at CEFCU Stadium and the South Campus Parking Garage with free daily shuttle service to the main campus, South Campus is an integral part of 菠菜网lol正规平台.

Other Resource Links

Bike Rack Map

View a map of campus bike racks and enclosure locations

Parking Services

Visit the Parking Services site for additional parking information.

Transportation Solutions

Visit Transportation Solutions to find commuting information for students and employees at 菠菜网lol正规平台.

Campus Pathways

View the old campus map showing detailed pathways and walkways.